Artisen is a well-known, high-end residential and commercial flooring contractor preferred by many blue-chip architectural and design firms in New York City and abroad.


Artisen provides hardwood flooring installation services of unmatched quality and exceptional look

Our extensive experience equips us with necessary skills to fabricate and install European hardwood flooring with intricate precision. We install flooring patterns inherited from the European market as well as the ones influenced by the contemporary design space. Whether it be a herringbone pattern or a super wide plank 16 footer, our master fitters will ensure the quality that your heart was set on. Additionally, we can reproduce or create any pattern using Dinesen material.

With Top shelf standards running through the entire process, from every material we select to each tool we use, your project will be in the most qualified hands.


Our organization works with many hand selected partners, including some of the top designers and architects in the world.

We treat each project with the utmost of care and professionalism. Our job is never complete until the client is in pure delight with the finished product.The timeless, stunning look of hardwood flooring captures the elegance of nature, and instantly enhances the value and character of your home. Artisen takes great care to provide the fitting in a timely and efficient manner, while still maintaining optimal communication with it’s design team and each client.

Why did Artisen and Dinesen join forces?

First, Dinesen is a Denmark company that sells European wide planks very specific to order. They supply the widest, longest, one of a kind planks in the world. Every piece is cut from hand picked trees from different parts of Europe. They are ideal for large spaces that will showcase the pure elegance of these stunners. Artisen loudly and proudly tout themselves as a “Certified Craftsmen” , since they were thoroughly vetted and installation trained the “Dinesen way” of perfection. Dinesen has installation teams in Denmark and some that travel abroad. However, with a growing client base and their products in demand globally, Dinesen hierarchy decided to seek out only the very best installation teams in New York and nationwide, to help fill the voids. Artisen was one of the elite chosen to perform installations.

Artisen handles all of the New York City metro area and has “traveling crews” which travel nationally, servicing the clients of architects and designers to insure the same meticulous detail, no matter the venue.

Have a read on how we ensure that the floors are truly ready to be fitted:

What is the Franklin report and why is it important?

The Franklin Report is an independently published guidebook that primarily rates home maintenance and renovation providers such as interior decorators, architects, and contractors.

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